Metal-free technology
Metal-free tooth replacement is the way forward! Owing to the characteristics of the basic material applied, there is no ion discharge poisoning body cells, as is the case with traditional metallic-ceramic units. In addition to this, light is able to permeate the material, just like it does natural teeth, while the physical and chemical characteristics ensuring its function are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Turkom-Cera is a completely healthy dental material, an aluminium-oxide infiltrated (burned) with a special glass at a temperature of 1150 degrees Celsius, which makes it suitable for use in all parts of the mouth. It is suitable for the production of inlays, onlays, veeners, crowns, small and large bridges. It is more suitable for professional use than for items of mass production. Owing to its simplicity, it is relatively fast to work with. I recommend it especially for use in the areas of aesthetics.

Your smile will truly be beautiful, without having to encounter any allergic side effects or problems of fitting.

Turkom-Cera works:

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