The family business was established in 1968 by my father as a private entrepreneur. Following in his footsteps I also became involved in the dental technician trade in 1983. I received my master degree in 1991, since when I have been working as a dental artisan - to use a more sophisticated term for the profession.

A satisfied smile and the work of a master craftsman

After working with my father for 16 years I opened my own laboratory in 1999, here, in the Nádorváros district of Győr. I received valuable assistance from my wife when designing the colours and the interior of the laboratory, where one is able not only to work, but also to design, to create. We are committed to meeting our assignments reliably and to the highest quality, even amidst the prevailing, not too favourable conditions. Accordingly, we have a wide range of products, everything from a simple social insurance funded denture to various metal-free tooth replacements. We have included a few photographs to illustrate all this: the materials and auxiliary materials used, the technologies, etc.

  • ORKI licence
  • OFI listed laboratory